World Petroleum Partnership (WPP), head-quartered in Dubai, is a solution based company that provides environmental protection and integrated services to the oil and gas sector. The company has two operating divisions:

Environmental Protection

With specialization in Risk Management, Environmental Analytics and Emergency Planning we are well positioned to provide a comprehensive solution for managing environmental risks.

Our Methodology

Our core strength is derived from our risk management decision making process, which focuses on the key elements of Risk Identification and Assessment, Evaluation and Selection of feasible solutions, Implementation and Monitoring. As professional risk managers we understand the need to optimize shareholder value through sound decision making.

Integrated Services

Our model is equally designed to provide the oil and gas sector with procurement of oil field equipment and asset management services.

Purchasing and Logistics

We have strategically positioned ourselves as a specialist in sourcing and procuring equipment to meet the complex challenges within the oil and gas industry.

Financial Management and Revenue Assurance Services

At WPP we understand the need for government agencies to attract operators with the expertise, technology and funding to conduct Exploration and Production operations. Our company has the expertise to develop the complete prospectus, which is essential for effectively marketing the investment opportunity. At WPP we believe in optimizing revenues for our clients by designing and implementing a robust revenue assurance system.